Call For Papers


Call for Papers and speaker registration are both OFFICIALLY OPEN.

Submit your speech for Fossetcon 2014 at the link below. Call for papers closes June 15, 2014


Certain talks will be approved well ahead of time if the speakers is being considered for a Keynote, etc.

Please be aware that the CFP will be extended if we don't fulfill certain board guidelines such as speaker diversity, relevant content and or lack of submissions. We aim to have an interesting variety of speakers and topics. Please submit your talk to Fossetcon 2014 and we'll be sure to review your proposal.

Specialized topics that we're looking for:

Virtualization Modeling Simulation and Training
Gaming & Game Development Future Computing (Quantum Computing, OpenCV, Halography, etc)
Security & Privacy NoSQL
Open Hardware Big Data


Embedded Linux

General topics that we're looking for:

Multimedia (Editing, Manipulation, In Home, Streaming) Desktop and Server Open Operating Systems
Database Administration Community
Business Licensing
Education Health Care
Web Development Programming
Open Hardware *BSD
Bitcoin Amateur Radio
Microcontrollers Wearable Devices
Super Computers High Performance Computing
System Administration Home Automation
System Automation

In Vehicle Entertainment


If you have a topic that is not listed please feel free to submit anyhow; this list is not a rigid guideline. We appreciate all submission and we thank you for your time and effort in submitting your proposal!

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About US

Fossetcon is an acronym for "Free and Open Source Expo and Technology Conference". Fossetcon is not JUST a GNU/Linux Conference, *nix Conference or *BSD Conference. It's for all things Free and Open Source!