About Fossetcon

Fossetcon is and acronym for "Free and Open Source Software Expo and Technology Conference"

Fossetcon relies on the Free and Open Source Software Community for support in making Fossetcon a memorable event that aims to be:

The Gateway to the Open Source Community.

There are a lot of great events throughout the world and frankly without their existence Fossetcon wouldn't have come into being. Many events cater to certain aspects of either Open Source or Free Software. Fossetcon was built around the ideas of all inclusion, cohesion, plumbers, continuity and fluidity.

Many great projects start off as a dim flicker of light , yet when supported by the community they grow into a roaring fire. We hope to provide kindling for your little fire and even stoke flames of your burgeoning inferno. Fossetcon focuses on the Community as a whole rather than a subset that has gained more popularity that others that perhaps came before it. Fossetcon bridges that gap and provides you a gateway into both Free and Open Source software. One gave rise to the other, yet neither of the two shall cease to exist.

Our logo is a play on the pronunciation of the acronym Fossetcon; it sounds like "Faucet" Con so the logo bears the resemblance of an actual faucet spigot. There is also a deeper connotation depicted by the unbroken stream of water flowing from an abundant source. That continuous stream of knowledge is distributed by the infrastructure(people and plumbing) that allows that stream to flow throughout the our Communities and the World abroad.

Every Community needs a viable source of Water.

Fossetcon is THE event for you and your project no matter how big or small because that is what we believe in!


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Other Events

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  • Florida Drupal Camp
  • Texas Linux Fest
  • South East Linux Fest


About US

Fossetcon is an acronym for "Free and Open Source Expo and Technology Conference". Fossetcon is not JUST a GNU/Linux Conference, *nix Conference or *BSD Conference. It's for all things Free and Open Source!