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FreeBSD Journal is a brand new, professionally produced, on-line magazine available from the various app stores, including Apple iTunes, Google Play, and Amazon Kindle.
What you will find in the upcoming issues are feature-length articles and columns that address the entirety of the FreeBSD community. Coverage will be diverse with topics including: managing large scale system deployments, application development, systems programming, embedded systems, academic research, and general software development. All using FreeBSD.
The magazine will publish six issues per year.  

The FreeBSD Journal is financially supported by the FreeBSDFoundation, the 501(c)3 charitable organization whose sole purpose is to help the FreeBSD Project grow and flourish.  Your subscriptions and the advertising revenue the Journal receives help to offset the money the Foundation needs to put in to support the Journal.

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Fossetcon is an acronym for "Free and Open Source Expo and Technology Conference". Fossetcon is not JUST a GNU/Linux Conference, *nix Conference or *BSD Conference. It's for all things Free and Open Source!