A look back at Bsides Orlando 2014

Approximately 300 attendees gathered in Orlando, Florida for the Security Bsides Orlando event on April 4th-5th, 2014. I was quite eager to attend the event, so I packed up my laptop, camera and server, then headed to the venue(I always travel with a server just in case!). I must say that I thoroughly enjoyed myself during the event and I made a few new friends; the Bsides Orlando team did an awesome job organizing Bsides Orlando 2014.

Call For Papers and Registration!

 Call for Papers and event registration are speaker regsitration are both OFFICIALLY OPEN.

Submit your speech for Fossetcon 2014 at the link below. Call for papers closes June 15, 2014,

Please be aware that the CFP will be extended if we don't fulfill certain board guidelines such as speaker diversity, relevant content and or lack of submissions. We aim to have an interesting variety of speakers and topics.

Submit your talk to Fossetcon 2014 and we'll be sure to review your proposal. 

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Fossetcon is an acronym for "Free and Open Source Expo and Technology Conference". Fossetcon is not JUST a GNU/Linux Conference, *nix Conference or *BSD Conference. It's for all things Free and Open Source!