Thursday Nov 19th
9:00am to 5:00pm
Salon 6

An Ubucon is a community driven, community organised event that is all about Ubuntu. These events often include a number of speakers, BOF sessions, demos, social events and more, and they are excellent ways to grow the Ubuntu community in your area, and to build an interesting and fun event. Ubucons are different to large Linux expos and conferences in that they are uniquely community focused and driven, and uniquely Ubuntu.

With a worldwide community of Ubuntu users and our incredible network of LoCo Teams, the Ubuntu community is always keen to see Ubucons being organised and run across the world. In the vast majority of cases, the organisers have found them incredibly fun, fulfilling and worthwhile events to organise, and they are an excellent way of doing your bit' for the Ubuntu community.

9:00 AM
Michael Hall
Joining the Ubuntu Community

10:00 AM


Snap your App!

Deploy your software reliably to a wide range of form factors from embedded devices to phones to the cloud.
11:00 AM

Juju, orchestrating your cloud instances
 2PM - 5PM Unconference Style Session(topics chosen before lunch)