tmux - A Multiplexer's Multiplexer

Thursday Nov 19th
10:40am to 12:10pm
Salon 5

One of the greatest inhibitors to the adoption of unix derivative operating system (gnu/linux, *bsd, etc) is having to operate, develop, design, and provide maintenance at the proverbially dreaded command line interface - cli. Some now say "No Longer - tmux To The Rescue!!" When properly understood, tmux transforms working from a shell prompt into a more efficient, productive, and time saving experience.

The workshop explores a number of the operational intricacies of tmux, a very powerful terminal multiplexer. Emphasis will be placed on the practical daily activity that tmux allows one to more efficiently administer and manage.

Topics will include:
- explanation of tmux’s client-server operational model.
- sessions, windows, and panes - components for full featured dashboards.
- discussing many of tmux’s default key binding and functionality.
- power of tmux’s paste buffers.
- management capability of tmux’s status line.
- usage of tmux as a real time collaborative development tool.