The Seven Righteous Fights

Friday, Nov 20th
10:45am to 11:30am
Palm 3

There are seven fights that I have over and over again, whenever I start at a company. The more software you build, the more it's obvious that there are seven fights that it will alway pay to have.

1. Localization.Are you ever planning on selling this to someone in another country?
2. Viewability. Do you want anyone over 40 to use this? (hint, software users are over 40)
3. Extensibility. What makes you so sure this API will always be internal?
4. Documentation. People do not buy software solely based on powerpoints. You need public docs. The docs have to be more useful than stack overflow.
5. Affordance. UI is not a word. The microtext matters.
6. Acceptance. Have you shown this to any actual humans who are like the users?
7. Accessibility. We all use computers different ways. Does your software allow that?

Having these fights early prevents you from doing the software equivalent of poking chocolate chips into already-baked cookies.