Money Machine Hacking

Friday, Nov 20th
3:00pm to 3:40pm
Palm 3

Money Machines are small scale, highly technical or craft based entrepreneurial excursions. They empower individuals to follow their geeky and nerdy passion of passions while also enabling them to address the various financial necessities of life, without having to answer to board of directors, investors, and arbitrary management teams.

Discussion will revolve around the beauty and freedom of managing and sustaining a small-scale technology/craft based business enterprise while wrestling against the dogmatic suggestions to pursue traditionally defined concepts of growth and expansion.
Some of the topics of discussion will include:

- living a lifestyle that is heavily into a technical or craft based business.
- how staying in total control rivals accepting venture capital & angel funding.
- alleviating painful transitional steps from employee to entrepreneur.
- derivatives of the Lean Start-Up biz development model
- why money machine survival skills are even necessary for high-growth firms.
- much, much more…