Introducing MidoNet: Scalable SDN without SPOF

Saturday, Nov 21st
4:00pm to 4:40pm
Palm 4

If you've ever run into any scalability or single point of failure (SPOF) issues with software-defined networking (SDN), you want to give MidoNet a chance - and in this session, you'll learn why. Particularly operators of OpenStack clouds and Docker swarms will not want to miss learning how to solve all their networking worries with a single solution!

Starting out with a quick introduction to SDN for beginners, this presentation will explain the common bottlenecks and limitations of most SDN solutions including the default and most common choices for OpenStack Neutron and Docker. Moving on, you'll learn how MidoNet is solving these exact issues, and how to try it out yourself! Last but not least, if time allows, you'll also learn how to join this project's awesome community, and how you can contribute to make it even better!

While this does not feature any technical deep dive, it will be comprehensible and useful to beginners and experienced operators alike. People with a fetish for buzzwords will also be fully satisfied!

As the MidoNet Community Manager at Midokura, Sandro is busy with growing the user and contributor base and with enabling contributors to collaborate more easily and efficiently. Before taking on this challenge, Sandro has been a software engineer and, more recently, a senior Linux systems engineer. He first came into touch with technologies such as software-defined networking and Linux containers, as well as OpenStack and Docker, when working with them professionally. He's also a long-standing active contributor to the Fedora and RDO projects.