Crash Course in Tech Management

Friday, Nov 20th
3:00pm to 3:40pm
Palm 4

'Programmer' and 'Manager' are two different titles for a reason: they're two different jobs and skill sets. If you have managerial aspirations (or have had them foisted upon you), come to this session to learn some of the tricks of the managerial trade.

“Wow, are you ever a great programmer! You’re such a great programmer that we’re going to make you a manager!”

A promotion! Calloo! Callay! Except…

The truth of the matter is that being a good programmer doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be a good manager. You’re about to have a lot of new responsibilities thrown at you. Are you ready?

Thankfully for you managing is a skill which you can master just as you did programming. This session will introduce you to many of the skills and resources you’ll need to become a successful tech manager (and keep your team from wanting to string you up).

Some of the topics which we’ll cover:

* Staff: Hiring, firing and development
* Meetings: Love ‘em (or leave ‘em…which is a valid option)
* Company politics: Are you backing the right horse? Are you even in the race?
* GSD: How to Get Sh*t Done
* Communication: The most important part of the job
* The fun stuff: “So, will I still be able to program?”