Jordan Sissel

  • Jordan Sissel
  • Location: Silicon Valley, California
  • Position: Project Lead, Elasticsearch


Open Source Is More than Code

Hello, friend! I am Jordan Sissel, and I am an open source hacker. I've been doing open source stuff for about 12 years, mostly as a sysadmin and a programmer. I found my love of programming helped greatly in coding my way out of outages and annoying tasks. Such efforts resulted projects like Logstash and fpm. Today, I am the lead on the Logstash project at Elasticsearch. Outside of computers, I have two lovely kids and a best friend for a partner! I also play ice hockey and some very bad golf. Anyway, back at that open source stuff, right? I like to spend time learning from and teaching fellow humans that we should not feel bad sometimes just because computers are bad. I also believe in #hugops, where ops folks get hugs and emotional support during outages.

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