Iris Gardner

  • Iris Gardner 
  • Location: San Francisco, California
  • Position: Manager of Events and Outreach, CODE2040


Diversity creates innovation

Iris Gardner is the manager of events and outreach at CODE2040. She has a background in higher education and tech and is dedicated to creating an equal playing field for underrepresented communities in each space. Gardner joined CODE2040 from the Student Outreach team at Google where she managed college freshmen in the Engineering Practicum internship program, which is geared towards underrepresented students in CS. She also worked in the admissions office of her alma mater, Pomona College, ushering in a new generation of Sagehens! In her second year at Pomona, she dove into the career development space and helped launch the inaugural year of Pomona’s $10 million campaign for paid summer internships. Now in its third year, the program funds 85% more students than it did in its first summer.

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