Servo Control With The Arduino Yun And Processing

Speaker: Rob Reilly

There has never been a better time to be a hardware hacker. Off-the-shelf hardware has grown by leaps and bounds, over the last couple of years, led largely by the Arduino and Raspberry Pi families of devices. These systems create enormous opportunity to solve problems and automate a bunch of age-old tasks. 

The latest trend is to combine a WiFi radio with an Arduino micro-controller, called the Yun.

This talk will cover the practical application of the Arduino Yun to remotely control a set of servo motors, wirelessly, with a Processing based application, running on a Linux notebook. Attendees will leave with a good understanding of the building blocks of a basic wireless remote control system, the code used on the Yun and notebook ends, and the challenges of applying the system to real-World situations.

Join this session to get a jump on your next remote, wireless control project using the Arduino Yun.

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