CFP extended due to lack of speaker diversity

It's our goal to have a more diverse speaker pool for the 0th Fossetcon, but what does that mean?

We tweeted about our Call For Papers and asked for everyone to come out and participate in Fossetcon; especially those who are generally underrepresented. I've had several interested parties, ask whether they should wait to submit their talk or if Fossetcon 2014 was going to be "womancon2014" as if we only want women and other underrepresented groups participating. Fossetcon does not set out to just schedule women speakers and others from underrepresented but we'd like to have them appropriately represented at our event.

We'd like everyone to participate and submit their speech to Fossetcon, so please don't feel that you need to step aside or wait to submit your speech. We are ALL included and invited! So at times it will take a lot of prodding and encouragement to convince people to participate because in the past the environment hasn't been as welcoming as we know.

We have fullfilled our objective of having our keynotes split down the middle instead of having a disproportionate amount of males keynotes. 

Diversity isn't just about gender it's also about the numbers of other underrepresented groups as well. Women have rallied together and are making moves to be heard and are demanding change. That change is also applicable for others and we all serve as better stuarts for change if we support and usher in that change in our own way.

Instead of fighting for diversity we should be dancing for adversity...together! 

Where do we still need to make a lot of improvements?

Speaker diversity as well as attendee diversity. Interest groups please respond back to our inqueries when we reach out to you and your organization, because we need your help to make Fossetcon a welcoming environment for everyone.

"If you want diverse and inclusive environments you have to be intentional, it won't come easy you have to work for it.", Leah McGowen-Hare Technical Trainer at Salesforce.

Hear her make this great quote and many others here  #BITTechTalk ep 57 w/ Leah McGowen-Hare. I listended to the whole episode as usual but you can listen in at 36:00 -  40:00 where she talks specifically about diversity.

#BITTechTalk ep 57 w/ Leah McGowen-Hare

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